Crossing a desert, but with joy!

Crossing a desert, but with joy!

One of the worst attitudes in times of difficulty is "ingratitude" Be very careful!

Let's see what Rabbi Natan teaches us:
Why did the People of Israel receive the Torah in the desert? in a dry place, without any comfort, even with dangers and difficulties, with a lack of water and all kinds of provisions, a stormy wind, etc ...

Perhaps it was not possible to wait for the People to arrive the Promised Land and conquer it, and then receive the blessed Torah in Jerusalem, with tranquility and comfort? As it is written: "From Tzion the Torah will come out"
< br> Rabbi Natan explains that before we can receive the Torah (spiritual and physical elevations) we must pass the test of the desert, just as the People of Israel did, who were forced to go through this process, overcoming tests and different difficulties , as well as "Purifications" before receiving the Torah!

The great sages tell us that the best way to go through these times (deserts) is by activating "Gratitude" this will raise us to a level where we can see everything with joy and not with suffering.
This attitude will accelerate that path and we will pass the tests very soon and successfully, and you can also let the Blessed Creator himself guide you at all times!

Gratitude is the way to salvation but especially "in our generation".

In previous generations, to obtain salvation it was necessary to make great efforts, such as prayers and strong mortifications. But in our generation, salvation will come through gratitude, praise and song to the Creator, and do you know why?

The great sages already predicted for thousands of years what the time in which we live now would be like and they were very afraid, they said: "The Creator allows the Mashiach to come soon, but that we are not there!"

This is the generation called "Ikveta de Meshija" (Steps of the Messiah), because they saw how difficult this time was going to be. And the great difficulty that this generation would have due to their impudence and daring, as described by the Mishnah:

"What will happen to the generation prior to the final redemption?" As we see in our generation, impudence will ensue ...

Then the Mishnah describes how this impudence will be: "The young will humiliate the old, the old will stand up before the younger, the son will outrage his father, the daughter-in-law will exalt herself against her mother-in-law, the members of the family of man will be his enemies, the face in the generation will be like the face of a dog, the son will not be ashamed before his father, and who can we trust? Only "In our Father who is in Heaven"

We have to rectify that terrible feature of our lives: "impudence and ingratitude" and the best way is through gratitude! As we mentioned it, thanking us at all times, especially in that desert!

"Because everything the Creator does is only for our good"

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