"Joy against Suffering"

"Joy against Suffering"

"If all kinds of sufferings that exist in the world will be placed on one side of the scale and poverty will be placed on the other side, poverty will overcome all other problems" (Shemot Raba 31,14)

The shame of poverty is the hardest of all, the poor man wanders with the burden of debts hanging on his back, being intensely persecuted by unpleasant creditors and with so much to pay, that he sees no other possible way out except suicide. (The Eternal save us)

The end of the path that leads to poverty or any other severe problem in life (where apparently there is no salvation) is to pour out our hearts before the blessed Creator.
Talking with the Creator will give you the necessary relief and confidence to face your problems and overcome them.
All the hysteria and initial panic will go away and now with a clear mind, calmly and calmly, you can do in front of your problem.

Trust in the Creator leads to the joy of being free! But due to bad habit and routine, we have become comfortably used to sadness, depression, and laziness that block our ability to feel good, and as Rabbi Najman said:

"The primary consequence of the snake's bite was laziness and sadness"
(Likutey Moharán 1,189)

But how did the snake cause the fall of Adam and of Eva and engrecio the destiny of humanity forever?

The answer is: He did it by introducing sadness into their lives, as it is said regarding the first curse that Adam received: "and sadly you will eat"
(Even after you manage to win money, this will come with a lot of effort and bitter work)
So what is the worst curse?
Being sad and tangled, the opposite of being happy, the product of the best blessing.

Joy is such a vital component for human health and well-being, that if it does not come naturally, you must force yourself to be happy, as Rabbi Najman said:
"Medical experts say that the cause behind all pathology and illness is depression and melancholy "

Beware of sadness, do not fall into this trap, seek to free yourself, Remember: The Creator is the Merciful Father of all humanity ! He listens to you, talks to Him!

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