"Praise and gratitude" is the best we can give the Creator!

"Praise and gratitude" is the best we can give the Creator!

If men are far from the Creator, it is because of their pessimism ...

Well, they do not know that the Eternal loves his creatures and He wants his good and the tests to bring them closer and closer to his Divinity.

As for the person, the least misfortune happens to him, he falls into anguish and despair ... Unfortunately they do not know that these feelings are the worst sins that human beings can commit, because in truth these are great offenses to the Mercy of the Blessed Creator.

The word in Hebrew "Yehudí" "Jew" means "to thank or praise" its root comes from hoda'a "thank you" (When the Matriarch Read gave birth to her fourth male child, exclaimed: "Now I will praise the Creator, I knew that the twelve tribes would come out of Jacob. I thought that each of his four wives would do it equally and give him the three children of each one however, he gave me a fourth boy, which is more than my share, that's why I call him Yehuda "

The one who is always happy and praise his Creator no matter what, since he knows that everything his Creator allows is only for his good!

Rabbi Nachman of Breslov as well as all the Tzadikim who have followed the thought of the Baal Shem Tov , they have insisted on the obligation to always be happy! Because this is the only way to be a true Jew! In the true sense of the term Yehudi or praiseworthy!
By making joy a duty and not an optional ideal, n He has once again taught you the condition prior to any process towards good.

Simcha "joy" is thus the center of gravity of the whole Torah, in the same way as " sadness it is the pole of attraction of all impurities. "

We must then leave all sadness and any anger and seek our pure identity " to be true praisers of the Creator "

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