Parasha Yitro

Parasha Yitro

This Parasha reminds us of the impressive event of the giving of the Torah on Mount Sinai.
Let's see what happened ...

For twenty-six generations, since the creation of Adam, the Creator had hoped to transmit to humanity the precious Torah which had preceded the creation of the Universe. Finally, He found a people willing to accept it.
The great moment of his revelation was eagerly guarded by the entire universe since with it the spiritual objective of Creation would be carried out.

It was Shabbat tomorrow, the sixth day of the month of Sivan, 2448. Har Sinai was shaking with excitement at the momentous event about to take place upon him.
All the mountains were in a state of turmoil along with him until the Creator made him calm down.
The bene Israel were still sleeping because the summer night had been short. They were awakened by thunder and lightning over Har Sinai and by Moshe calling them, "El Jatan" (the bridegroom) is waiting for "the Kala" (the bride) to arrive at the jupa (the wedding canopy), Moses led the people to the Har Sinai as one who leads "the Kala" to the wedding.

The Jewish people who were gathered at the foot of Har Sinai, men and women separately, were united by all the millions of souls not yet born from their descendants and for the souls of all Guerim (true converts) who would accept the Torah in future generations.
When the Creator descended on Har Sinai and in a blast of fire, surrounded by a multitude of twenty-two thousand angels, the earth shook, and there was powerful thunder and lightning.
The Benei Israel heard the sound of a shofar turning continually louder, growing in intensity until it reached the greatest volume that people could possibly bear.
The fire of Har Sinai rose to the very heavens, and the mountain smoked like a cauldron.
The town trembled with fear.
A thick cloud enveloped the mountain. The Creator bowed the heavens until they reached Sinai and "Sú Kise HaCabod" (The Celestial Throne) descended on the mountain, and it was at that moment that he began to simultaneously pronounce the Ten Commandments.

The purpose of this miracle was to clearly demonstrate that the Ten Commandments came directly from the Creator, no human or angel could have performed such a miracle.
(Excerpts from Midrash Shemot Parasha Yitro)

Dedicated for the prompt and complete healing of all the sick of Am Israel and the entire world and for the success and beracha of those who do haafatza (spreading the message of Emunah).

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