Parasha Vayera "Charity and mercy"

Parasha Vayera "Charity and mercy"

"Sodomy and Judaism, two opposite poles"

Abraham abinu, our Patriarch, the father of Judaism, was a hospitable man, since his happiness increased when he could receive guests and every time he did, he seemed as if it were the first time. < / p>

Regardless of the weather conditions, even in the face of unbearable heat, they ran to receive his guests. Not only he, his family and his employees were active participants in the fulfillment of this great precept.

Hospitality envelops, in its bosom, the secret and the basis of the Jewish Faith. Abraham is the father of Judaism and is the promoter of faith in One God.

At the center of Jewish life is faith in the Almighty, who projects holiness into human life. For this reason, it is not enough to do justice, which assures that "what is mine is mine and what is yours is yours", but rather that "charity and mercy" is needed «what is mine is yours» because in Judaism the goal What man created in the image of Hashem must reach is to go on His way as He is merciful. so should we.

The Sodomy ideology is another. They fight for "what is mine is mine and what is yours is yours". It is true that this ideology is called intermediate (Avot 5,10), but when they take it as a maximalist position then, it becomes a sodomite because when there is no education in favor of charity and Mercy means that the life of beings humans have a lack of faith.

The Torah tells us that when the neighbors of Sodom learned that Lot had guests in his house, they surrounded the house "from the young to the old, all the people from every end" (Bereshit-Genesis 19, 4) The great exegete Rashi, explains: "No one objected, since there was not a single righteous man among them, and they demanded: 'make him come out to us and we will meet them. "(Bereshit-Genesis 19, 5)

Should we be amazed by this cruel attitude?

Sodomite society, which denied the Creator and his principles, was wiped off the face of the earth by a deluge of brimstone and fire, and is a warning to all humanity, since it is impossible to exist without a life of Faith This has more weight for the Hebrew nation, since Judaism is Faith, more than race and history.

Judaism does not support sodomy, it fights to exterminate it and as the father of the Hebrew nation is also the father of humanity, it will not stop fighting until this concept disappears from our world as indicated by the Prophet Yejezkel (Ezekiel) "What Sodom should not be considered Jerusalem's sister. " (Yejezkel Ezekiel 16,44-61)

(Of drops of life)

Dedicated for the healing of all the sick of Am Israel and the world, so that the truth may spread to all humanity and that very soon we will see the Great Redemption!

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