Parasha "Vayeshev"

Parasha "Vayeshev"

This Parasha we find it in the book of Bereshit-Genesis 37: 1 40:23.

"Israel (Yaakob) loved Yosef more than his brothers, because he was born in his old age, and he made him a striped tunic. And his brothers saw that he loved him more his father, and they hated him, and could not speak to him peacefully "
(Bereshit 37, 3)

In Gemara ( T. Shabbat 10a) said “Never a father should make distinctions between his children, because for the two Selaim (coins) Yaakob spent more than Yosef (in the purchase of his tunic), his brothers were envious, and in this way our parents were caused to go to Egypt. ”

It is necessary to understand why Yaakob behaved in this way, making differences between them.
What happened is that Yaakob Abinu (Our Father) knew that Yosef would end up living in Egypt, and there he would remain in his righteousness for all those years. That is why he prepared him by giving him what was necessary so that he would not be carried away by the sins and impurity that reigned in Egypt.

How did he do this? Teaching him Torah, as it is said (Rabbah 84, 8) that all the Halachot that Yaakob had studied with Shem and Eber he transmitted to Yosef. Because he taught him all this, he gave him a special tunic, worthy of a Sage, and through it he would remember what he had studied and his obligations, overcoming the tests that were presented to him in Egypt. For this reason he taught him everything he knew, and gave him this striped tunic, alluding to the fact that in the future he should go to Egypt and fight the impurity that was there.
Similar to the above is what the Verse (Pasuk) (3, 21) expresses “And the Creator made Adam and his wife garments of leather ("Or" written with the letter Ain), and clothed them ”.
And it is said (Rabbah 20, 12)“ appeared among the writings of Rabbi Meir 'garments of light ( Or, written with the letter Aleph) were Adam's clothes. ' Being that before Adam sin he did not have the Yetzer Hara (the evil inclination) that could induce him. When he sinned this evil instinct was introduced to him, and he was then worried, because he did not know how to protect himself from it. Then Hashem gave him a garment of light, and said (3, 19) "by the sweat of your brow you will eat bread" , and the Torah is called bread or food. Through man dedicating himself to the study of the Torah, he will be worthy of a 'special robe', and he will be able to face the evil instinct!

(Dedicated for the health of all the sick of Am Israel and the whole world, and for the success of all those in need)

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