Parasha Vaigash

Parasha Vaigash

“Israel traveled with everything he had; he came to Beer Sheva and offered offerings to the God of Yitzchak, his father ”(Beresheet 46: 1)

Rashi explains about the phrase "to the G-d of Yitzchak, his father" that the person should honor his father more than his grandfather, therefore, Yitzjak was mentioned and not Abraham. < br> When Yaakov Avinu was notified that Yosef was alive in Egypt, he had immeasurable joy. Mainly due to the fact that Yosef had governed himself and did not forget the Torah that he had studied.
Yaakov was not happy because of the political and physical power that Yosef had reached, but because of the spiritual power that he maintained, because as our Sages say: who is powerful? "He who dominates his Evil Inclination" The Torah is called "honor" (Avot 6: 3).

When Yosef said to his brothers: “Tell my father all my 'honor' ”(Bereshit 45:13), did not refer to personal honor, but to the honor of the Torah. And furthermore, he did not cause a defect to the sacred brit, which is also called “honor.”
Yaakov Avinu was very happy at the news, and as a sign of gratitude, he offered offerings of thanks.
The verse highlights that "Yaakov raised offerings to the God of his father, Yitzjak" , to which Rashi explains that from here we learn that more honor is owed to the father than to the grandfather. To this we may ask: why did the Torah find it correct to teach us this halacha precisely here and not elsewhere?

Without a doubt, in the words of Rashi there is much to deepen.
We can answer that when Yitzchak heard that Yosef had been destroyed by a beast, he wept and shared the suffering of his son Yaakov. And as a sign of gratitude to Yitzchak for his solidarity with his son Yaakov regarding what happened to Yosef, without a doubt, his tears made an impression in heaven, which led to Yosef's salvation. So, when Yaakov was notified that his son was alive and that he was the viceroy of Egypt, he rushed to raise offerings "to the God of his father, Yitzchak ” ; and with this action he reciprocated his father for his solidarity. Now we can understand why the Torah taught us this precisely here.
From this we learn how powerful the force of gratitude is, that the person who thanks his partner will end up thanking Heaven, since HaKadosh Baruch Hu does good to all person day and night, as we see in this theme of our parsha, that Yaakov thanked HaKadosh Baruch Hu and his father, and raised an offering remembering the merit of his father Yitzchak, who consoled him when he heard about the tragedy of Yosef, his son .

Dedicated for the health of all the sick of Am Israel and the whole world, and for Hatzlaja and Beracha of Am Israel, may the Creator free us from all present difficulties.

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    Viva el pueblo de Israel q la paz el amor y la felicidad esten siempre con ellos y nuestro padre celestial tenga misericordia de todo el mundo

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