Parasha Vaietzé

Parasha Vaietzé

"Yaacov left Beersheva and went to Haran" (Bereshit-Genesis 28.10-32.3)

When we want to ascend from one level to another, many obstacles arise that confront us, those obstacles are mainly found in our imagination and illusions and these arise from anger.

When Yaacov wanted to ascend from the "seventh level "As it is written: from" Beer Sheva "it literally translates: (from the seventh well of water) to a higher level, it came out for" Haran ", which its root in Hebrew is the same as" JaRóN "(Divine Wrath) , Signifying the obstacles he would face before reaching his goal.

Yet Yaacov was resolute in his determination to serve the Creator and so then he "came to the place" For he knew he was not experiencing a decline, but rather, the opposite.

"Your obstacles" are not always a bad thing !! but they can be the Door of a Great Blessing !! "The place"

Just do not allow those obstacles to limit and deceive you, and you must be very careful with anger, which is like humidity ... "Start in a small and insignificant corner of the wall, but over time it will be absorbed by the whole wall and later by the whole house, until it can be easily knocked down with the slightest movement due to its rot "

Shabbat Shalom!

(For the elevation of the soul of Alberto Abraham ben Ana, and to refua Shlema -complete healing- of all the sick of Am Israel and the world)

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