Parasha Toldot (Genesis 25: 19-28: 9)

Parasha Toldot (Genesis 25: 19-28: 9)

Have you ever thought about what your strengths are and what your weaknesses are?

This can happen in each of us, because we have a certain characteristic that distinguishes us from others, each one is a different entity and where we have to be strong is in our characteristics and take pride in who we are, but we must also accept our weaknesses, but that does not mean that we cannot, but rather we have to locate our talent and through this Parasha "Toldot" we will find this answer!

Toldot tells us about the sons of Isaac: Ezab and Jacob, they were always in constant struggle from their mother's womb and so on throughout their lives, but they depended on each other, although they did not they saw.

On the one hand, Ezab was a country man, a developed and reddish man who was dedicated to hunting, a working man, and on the other, Jacob had a specialty in studying.

Today today we could compare it to those who are dedicated to work activity and those who only study, however both are needed from one side and the other, we can be one part Ezab and another part Jacob, in the The relationship between Jacob and Esav is a controversial issue since both fought for their rights, for the right of the birthright and on the other hand, for the blessing, this when Jacob took the blessing by "deceit" from his father Isaac, and that many could perhaps judge Jacob, but it is not like that, Hashem moves things in such a way, that everything is perfect and therefore for something they happen.

Esav could be described as disloyal and lacking in brotherhood, but it would not be fair if we did not include an analysis of the upbringing they received from their parents, since this generally influences the future life of their children, better known Like education, so our Torah tells us that parents were unable to recognize each other's strengths.

Both the mother and the father had favorite children in some aspects, but in reality they could not recognize and enhance the abilities of each one, so there was a confusion and it is what perhaps even today we do not understand, because Sometimes we believe that only we are the ones who deserve something and in reality things are very different, since the other also has rights, and because of these situations family problems also arise.

Both Isaac and Jacob were created by a special divine intervention, since their mothers were sterile and we have heard a lot of this in the Torah, and everything is for a purpose that
thanks to Emunah -The trust that we have Hashem- miracles happen, an example is when the Torah tells us that Isaac prayed to Hashem for his wife, and from there he conceived twins Ezab and Jacob.

Each of us has a part of Ezab and Jacob, one is strength and another is weakness. On the one hand we dedicate ourselves to the study of the Torah, but on the other we also dedicate ourselves to work, to fight for life and the famous saying of "making money" and that sometimes we are even tempted to forget the spiritual part, and although this (fighting for sustenance) is not bad, but we have to know how to set limits, nevertheless at this point of knowing how to balance both forces, is where we must have control and dominance, operating the appropriate feature in the appropriate situation, where we will be partially in spiritual and material situations, our life stories allow us to shape and design ourselves as people, of course they will have doubts, but when we resolve them, we find our area of ​​expertise both spiritually and materially.

Shabbat Shalom!

(From Haim Levit)

Dedicated for the healing of all the sick of Am Israel and the world, and for the success and blessing of all those who spread the message of Emunah (the pure and authentic Faith in the Creator)

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