"Parasha Tetzave"

"Parasha Tetzave"

"Likewise you will order the children of Israel to bring pure olive oil, pressed, to light the lamp continually" (Shemot- Exodus 27,20)

The name of this Parasha is "Tetzave" from the book Shemot - Exodus 27,20 - 30,10)

The power of self-annulment or cancellation that must awaken in each one of us so that we may be able to enlighten ourselves "Lighting the Menorah", אור המנורה- האור הגנוז (Or HaMenorah - Or Haganuz)
The Eternal ordered Moshe ...
" Likewise you will order the children of Israel to bring pure olive oil, pressed, to light the lamp continually "(Shemot- Exodus 27,20)

" Tetzave "(you will order or you will send) shares the same root as "Tzevet" (Unite). The Creator told Moses that he should connect - unite the people of Israel, thus making the light shine throughout the whole world.

Moshe made a great commitment about himself, promised that he would carry it out and took upon himself a "great project" to raise or raise "the heads" of Israel.

Moses received slaves and rose to the level of royalty, as a true leader who helps his disciples to raise their heads and not sink.
Moshe did not want to see a people of "little ones" but on the contrary, he wanted to elevate each one.
Moses is a humble leader who leads the crowd, a crowd in which he also rested. He is not just "the smart leader" who has a perfect community of Torah students, but more than anything else, a community that has great desire, deep love and a leader who wants to help them rise spiritually.
Although everyone has their own personal interest, everyone has their own fire to light! They just need to be safe and know how important they are to Hashem (Emuna), and how much they can benefit themselves and the whole world.
Every Jew has a hidden part, a part of the blessed Creator, that the more you hit and use it, the more that Light rises and illuminates the soul!
"The crushing and the blows" (as it is written. .. 'bring pure olive oil, pressed, to light the lamp ...') make the physical exterior of the person in the end used to be light, this is the purpose.
And to achieve a full association, we need a total annulment, and for this we require cleanliness and inner purity.
What separates us from that light are our sins. At the root of sins is selfish thinking. However, in this Parasha together with Moshe Rabbenu we have the opportunity to learn to annul ourselves before the Creator.
Not to wait until the crushing comes from the outside, but to initiate an awakening and an internal effort to change our nature from self-acceptance to the influence and the surrender.

(Dedicated for the healing of all the sick of Am Israel and the whole world, to increase the Emunah in the whole world and that we will soon see the Great Redemption)

We wish you a Shabbat Shalom and Purim Sameach!

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