Parasha Noah

Parasha Noah

This Parasha is a portion full of great messages for all humanity.

It is written "Noah (Noah) was a Tzadik (a righteous one), he was perfect in his generation. Noah walked with the Creator" (Bereshit-Genesis 6,9)
-Noah (Noe) symbolizes peace, since the name shares the same root as the word "Naj" (נח) rest, and the Name "Elohim" The Holy Name of the blessed Creator, refers to the judgments . Noah represents the perfect righteous of each generation who continually seek to mitigate and sweeten the Creator's judgments-
The Creator contemplated the earth and here it was corrupted because all flesh had corrupted its way on earth. (Bereshit 6.12)
"Meat" refers to sexuality, when people pervert themselves, they 'corrupt their way' in the sense that they harm themselves, thus the generation of the flood produced its own disappearance.
The Creator told Noah, "The end of all flesh has come before Me, because the earth is full of violence because of them and behold, I am going to destroy them with the earth." (Bereshit 6.13)
The 'end of all flesh' refers to those who look down on others, always looking for their negative points and trying to destroy them.
The great Torah commentator Rashi teaches us that the generation was steeped in idolatry and immorality, but that the final decree was issued due to theft.
The Torah is the pillar of the world, however, the Creator did not give the Torah until the year 2448 of Creation, the flood took place about 800 years earlier.
But if there was no Torah to sustain the world and show people the right path, why were they punished?
The answer is that the Torah was present, but in a hidden way. It was manifested in commerce and in the way people behaved towards each other, under the category of 'Derej Eretz' what literally means 'the way of the earth', or the way of conducting oneself on earth, respect for others.
By robbing each other, the Flood Generation proved they did not care at all about Derej Eretz. Because of this, that decree of destruction was issued and sealed.
Maybe we can find similarities in this generation where we see that people do not care about their neighbor, only selfishness is present, and then they wonder, why so many calamities happen?
May the Eternal help us to always conduct ourselves correctly and in an altruistic way.
Dedicated for all the sick of Am Yisrael and of the world, may they have a prompt healing and for Beracha and Atzlaja of all Am Yisrael especially for all those who spread the message of Emunah.
Shabbat Shalom!
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  • María Clemencia

    Que el Eterno tenga misericordia de su pueblo y nos de entendimiento y sabiduría,que la CONCIENCIA que nos diste sea la infalible brújula que dirija nuestro comportamiento y busquemos tu rostro que nos ocupemos de tu TORAH y busquemos tu rostro,

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