Parasha Nitzavim

Parasha Nitzavim

This Parasha is always read on the Shabbat before Rosh Hashana (the Jewish New Year or head of the year). Since to mitigate the decrees of the Day of Judgment (Rosh Hashana), the unity of the people is needed by meeting with love.

That is why Moshe Rabbenu advises us: "Stand Together" which is how this Parasha begins:

"Today you are all standing in the presence of the Creator, his God, your leaders, your tribes, your elders, your officers, with all the men of Israel" (Debarim-Deut 29 , 9)

(Standing connotes prayer, BERACHOT 6B)

We have to know that each of us can be registered in the
Book of the Righteous. In this last week's Parasha he says: "Because this commandment, which I command you today, is not too difficult for you, nor is it far."
(Devarim-Deut. 30:11)

If the person went through many transgressions, (HaShem save us), this person feels that he is far from the goal of Kdusha (purity), but he may also have the fortune to be inscribed in the Book of Just like we said before, but the test and the choice is every day and every moment.,

But how do we achieve this? And what does this depend on? How is it that we can get listed with the righteous?
All this depends only on RATZON, ((Will-Wish)) , Yes! of our own desire - will, because the goal is that, "the Ratzon” it is known that our Ratzon is the way to the Tshuva!

It is enough that the person thinks with all his heart: "I don't want evil anymore, I don't want to commit more transgressions, I don't want to commit more faults! I no longer desire appetites! "

We have to say:“ All my desire and my will is to do the Will of Blessed HaShem ”, All my desire is to return in Teshuva!" then Blessed HaShem receives this person as "A Tzadik Gamur" (A true Righteous One)!

(Let's not forget that to carry out a "complete Teshuva" (repentance) we must do everything that corresponds to us, such as: A true repentance, restoring what we have done wrong, asking for forgiveness, and not return to repeat)

Dedicated for the healing of all the sick of Am Israel and the whole world, for the success of all those who spread the Emuna in the Blessed Creator and for all!

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