Parasha Mishpatim

Parasha Mishpatim

"Slaves continue in our generations (nothing harder than when someone is acquired for silver)"

“And these are the laws that you will put in front of them: if you buy a
Hebrew servant, six years will work; and in the seventh year he will go free, free ”(Shemot- Exodus 21,1)

At the beginning of this Parasha explained Rabbenu Abraham Báal haIbn Ezra, why the Torah began with the section of the laws with the case of the servants, since it says like this: “For a There is nothing more difficult for a person than to be dominated by another like him. ” In other words, the Torah is going from the strongest to the least, and since subjugation is something very strong for everyone, that is why the Torah begins with the laws relating to it.

Through his words we learn that there is nothing harder ...
This servant, because he received the punishment of being six years under the orders of his employer, and still wants to be subjugated to him and to be acquired by silver, when he receives the mandate of the employer, at that moment he bows to the mandate of silver. Since the whole reason why he is willing to have his ear pierced is only for the silver - that is why his ear gets pierced when he wants to stay acquired by the boss, since his ear heard on Mount Sinai that: "For Me the children of Israel are servants", and this was and a pattern was acquired.
That is why the section that refers to the delivery of the Torah with that of the Hebrew servant, to warn us that when one pursues every penny, to get it there is nothing heavier.
The sacred Torah has the power to lead the person out of the silver trap to which "everyone falls".
Why? Because the one who studies Torah becomes the servant of Hakadosh Baruch Hu, (The Holy Blessed Be He) and not a slave to silver, equivalent to idolatry.

And as Rabbi Elazar (son of Rabbi
Elimélech de Lichensek) “Iguéret Hakódesh”, at the end of the book “Nóam
Elimélech”, it says:
“I heard from a great Sage who said that because of the evil instinct of idolatry, men of the Great Assembly they killed him (Yoma 69b), this is very doubtful, how is it possible to kill an angel, being a spiritual body? If not, they only took the job away from him. So what does he do now?
Well, all Malaj was created for some purpose!
They gave him the office of monetary affairs to confuse people by making them pursue money and wealth, that this is equivalent to idolatry. ” < s3>
And the words of the mouth of a Sage are grace!
Our Sages already said in Gemara, treatise of Kiddushin (30b):
“I created the bad instinct and believe the Torah as an antidote. ”
It turns out that the person who deals with the holy Torah frees himself from the bad instinct of money, which is compared to idolatry!

And you, are you free?

(Dedicated for the healing of all the sick and so that we all continue to grow in Emuná)

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