Parasha "Lekh Lecha"

Parasha "Lekh Lecha"

"And the Creator said to Abraham: Go from your land and the place of your birth and into your father's house, to the Land that I will show you"
(Bereshit- Genesis 12,1)

One of the messages of this important Parasha "Lech Lecha" (Bereshit-Genesis 1: 1-6 : 8) tells us that Abraham represents the soul of the person who wishes to serve the Creator.
Such a person must leave behind "his land", (his materialism) His "birthplace" (his sensual pleasures and depression) and even the house of "his father" (family who tries to retain her in his service to the Creator. In that place, "I will make of you a great nation" (because you will be able to reveal the Divinity even to others), "I will bless you" (because then you will be able to attract and receive all the blessings)

"I will make your name great" (it will increase your vitality) and "you will be a blessing" (for the blessings will stay with you).
Furthermore, by leaving your past behind and accepting spirituality, even if you have to descend to Egypt later (the difficulties and challenges of life), you will have the strength to ascend from there and even carry many sparks of Health.

(Excerpts from Likutey Halajot)

As well we learn from this Parasha: That we can do "Lej Leja" (Go from yourself) "start from that place" go towards the true path of Spirituality, the path of Emuna!

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