Parasha Kitisa

Parasha Kitisa

Parasha Kitisa (Shemot - Exodus 30, 11 - 34, 35)

As everyone already knows, the whole world is going through very difficult times with the situation of this virus called Covid-19, but we must not forget that everything is directed by the Blessed Creator, and as always We mentioned "There are no coincidences and everything is for the best" because Blessed Hashem is the one who controls everything.
In this week's Parasha we are even told of a ransom to be freed from "a plague", it is written:
"When you do the census of the Israelites to determine their number, each one will be counted giving a ransom (offering of atonement) for their life. In this way, they will not be hurt by the plague when they are counted "
(Shemot- Exodus 30.12)

The great commentator Rashi explains that it was forbidden to do the census (literally counting heads of the Benei Israel), rather "take half a shekel per person and count the shekelim"

Why should we count the Jews with shekelim and then give them to charity and thus avoid the plague What is unleashed by telling the people? Wouldn't it be better not to count the town and avoid danger?
However, the account has a very important purpose. Each Jew serves the Creator according to his own abilities and limitations. Counting implies a constriction of the Divine desire that burns within each person, to help each Jew control his energies and serve the Creator in a measured way. The count is made through the "SheKeL" this word has the same root as miShKaL which means balance in Hebrew, on which each "individual" object is carefully weighed and delimited. (That way you can reach perfection).

When the people are counted, unity reigns, the way to count the people of Israel is through charity, for example, the donation of the "half Shekel" that was given for the Tabernacle.
In unity there are blessings and truth, whereas in multiplicity lies and curses appear.
The Torah forbids counting Jews, (which emphasizes their separation) lest one open the door to lies and curses instead.
Moses did the census collecting half a shekel from each Jew. Since charity unites the rich with the poor, and it represents unity, blessing and truth.
That is why when the people of Israel gave the half shekel to the Tabernacle and the Temple it automatically produced an interaction between them, since "each half requires the other half" to make a whole together. That interaction enlightens each person, helping them see their way to the right level of themselves and rise there. Thus by giving charity, one elevates his neighbor to levels that he could not previously reach.

Our Sages have already said "Charity saves from death"

Hashem wishes to see us united in love, helping each other "love of neighbor" Only in this way can we see the salvation to so many problems that have come to our generation.

(Dedicated for the speedy healing of all the sick)

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