Parasha Ekev

Parasha Ekev

In the present Parasha Moshe Rabenu (Our great teacher Moses) before his death and shortly before the people entered the Promised Land and after a journey of forty years in the desert, he continues to remind the people about the great importance of the Precepts, their reward or punishment depending on the fact.

At the beginning the Torah mentions us: "And you will say in your heart that the peoples are greater than us, how can I banish him? them, remember what the Creator your God did, with Pharaoh and with all Egypt, the great miracles that he did and that your eyes saw ... "
Through these words the Torah warns us, again that We are a minority and we should not fear, because the Blessed Creator is with us.
Of course, as long as we fulfill our obligations to Him, if not, the Creator will withdraw His protection and things may happen as unfortunately we have already seen in history, and as we continue to see today, as it is the unfounded hatred of the nations towards us.

Later the Torah says, (in chapter 10,12):
"And now, Israel, what is it that the Eternal, your God asks of you, if not fear Him? Creator, and follow His ways, loving Him and serving Him with all your heart and with all your soul, fulfilling His mandates and precepts that I prescribe for your good today? "

From here the Gemara (Berachot 33b) teaches us that "Everything comes from Heaven, except the fear of the Creator"
The great sage Rashi explains that everything that man has has been decreed in Heaven, like his stature, if he will be tall or short, his wealth, if he will be poor or rich, his wisdom, etc ..., everything comes from Heaven, except being just or evil, that is not decreed in Heaven , since free will was placed in the hands of man.

As we have seen, it is in us, if we live trusting in Hashem and obeying his Precepts, then we will be amply rewarded living peacefully because we know that his promise will never fail!

Shabbat Shalom for everyone!

(Dedicated for the healing of all the sick of Am Israel and the world and for the elevation of the soul of Bertha bat Simcha)

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