The beauty of the Menorah

The beauty of the Menorah

"And that's how the Menorah was made, beaten, chiseled in gold" (Numbers 8: 4)

(Parasha Behaloteja Bamidbar-Numbers 8,1 - 12,16)

The great commentator Rashi, in Perasha Terumá wrote (25:32):
Moshé Rabenu was complicated to make the Menorah, therefore Hashem told him to throw a piece of gold into the fire and it will be done alone.

Here a question arises, it is known that in Washington there is a museum where it has statues of all the presidents who ruled the United States, these pieces are also made of a single piece of metal. How is it that Moshe is Was it more complicated for him than the Americans?
We can explain that like the artisans, Moshe clearly had no problem making the figure but for the Americans they are external figures, they are just a solid piece, instead the Menorah that Hashem
ordered to be made was not simply gold, it also had an internal image.

This is what Moshe did not know how to do, how to achieve the internal body of the candlestick so that it is externally and completely perfect ...

That's why Hashem gave him that indication. The truth is that the Creator had only instructed him to make the external Menorah, since the Menorah represents the Torah, as it is written in the Talmud (Baba Batra 25): " The who wants wisdom must face south ", this means that the one who wants to study Torah must position himself towards the south when praying, (place where the sacred candelabrum was, representative of the Torah). It also needs spirit, the people of Israel were not fit to receive the Torah until they were one man with one heart.

Also the first tables were written even inside the gaps, as it is written
that the text was engraved inside the tables.
That is why the Menorah that represents the Torah had to be perfect even in its inner part. For that reason Hashem indicated that the Menorah be made, to indicate to people that the human being builds himself internally, since he has the strength to confront his instincts but this can only be achieved by appealing to the Torah, since she is really the weapon that gives us the strength to overcome evil and repair all our interior since she is composed of
the names of Hashem Blessed be He.

When the person makes a sacrifice for the Torah it can be completed internally and externally just like the candelabrum that only came out of the complete fire.

Only Hashem could complete the inner part of the Torah, reaching the dimension of the perfect candlestick as it was seen externally.

We can obtain that beauty and integrity of the Menorah, but only when when we give ourselves with sacrifice to the fire of the Torah, until we achieve that inner purity that will lead us to perfection.

Dedicated for the health of all the sick of Am Israel and the world.

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