Material blessings for spiritual achievements ...

Material blessings for spiritual achievements ...

" The Great Promise of Bejukotai"

Parasha Behar - Bechukotai (Vaykra-Leviticus 25.1 - 27.34)

In the relationship that exists between the Parashiot Behar and Bejukotai, we learn that in order to have the merit of acquiring the Torah that was given on Mount Sinai, the person must first be humble just as Mount Sinai is.

Although there were other larger and higher mountains, the Creator decided to give the Torah on the smallest mountain: "Mount Sinai".

And why did he choose Mount Sinai? Because the necessary condition to be able to receive the Torah is that there is humility!

But how is it possible to subdue the ego and be humble like Mount Sinai?

The answer is: "If they follow my Laws" (Bejukotai)
The great commentator Rashi explains that this means striving in Torah study. Since through the effort in the study, the person has the merit of nullifying his ego and learning to be humble.
"Because when striving for something so high, you don't pay attention to small and insignificant things"
This is the relationship between these
two parashiot.
On one occasion I went to visit a woman in the hospital who, thanks to HaShem's goodness, had been saved from dying in an earthquake.
Her house had been completely shaken and a large painting fell on her head, at that moment she had lost consciousness of it, but thanks to the Blessed Creator she had recovered.
There are special instructions regarding what to do when there is an earthquake, for example seek shelter under
from a table or a door frame, etc ... I asked this woman why she hadn't tried to protect herself in some way, and
she replied that on the day of the earthquake she had received a large shipment of diamonds from Belgium, and that at that time she was very busy separating them by size.
"She was so focused on her task that she didn't feel there was an earthquake."
From his answer we can learn that when someone is focused on something that is important to him, then he does not pay attention to what is happening around him, because he is completely immersed in what he is doing.
Well, this is the way of the holy Torah! "The more you work on it and dedicate your full attention to it, then the more you can cancel yourself and nothing can bother you", even if something could damage our honor or if someone does not behave with us in the right way , we will not even realize it, because we will be completely immersed in the Torah, on which it is written: "A beautiful doe and a graceful gazelle" (Mishlei 5:19).
And not only can we annul ourselves, but also if we comply with: "If you follow My laws and follow My precepts to do them ..."
Then we will also receive the promise:
"I will give them rains in due season, so that the land yields its produce, and the tree of the field yields its fruit, certainly, their threshing will last until the sale, and the sale until the time. of the sowing. They will eat their bread until they are satisfied and will dwell safely in their land.… "(Vaykra-Leviticus 26,3-5) ((Bejukotai))
One of our greatest and most admired kings, King David, has already said it: "This is my consolation in my affliction: that Your word has given me life" (Psalms 119,50).
"How much I have loved Your Torah, all day she is my conversation" (119,97) < / b>
"How sweet to my palate is Your word, more than honey to my mouth" (119,103).
Thanks to Hashem for giving us his ordinances (Bejukotai)
"If you follow My laws ..."
This Parasha is dedicated to Refua Shlema (complete healing) of all the children of Am Israel and the world.
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