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Product Description

"Living as a Jew" by Rabbi Moshe Shternbuj, is a new book containing four important works. It is like a small encyclopedia, where you will find a lot to learn.

It has the following works:
-Reflections pearls of the Parasha (contains explanations for the 54 parashot of the year, plus the festivities)

-Mishna, Pirkei Avot (Ethics of the Fathers, complete with explanations)

-Orjot HaBait (The laws of the Jewish home)

-Know your roots (The most important themes of Judaism such as: Faith in the Creator, Reward and punishment, The purpose of life, Living according to the Torah, The Messiah, The Prayer, Childhood, Youth , The Jewish soul, The world to come, The heavenly judgment, Shabbat, Holidays, etc ...

More than 500 pages.