Tallit Gadol in polyester

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Tallit gadol, made of high quality polyester.

-Kasher mehadrin.

-It is made in Israel under the strictest Kasherut standards.

-The Tallit includes Tzitzit (the four corner fringes) made by hand, according to the Sephardic knotting rite.

(Our tallit gadol are true tallit of "large" size as we are accustomed to in Judaism "the Tallit must fulfill the function of" in becoming "(wrapping the body).

* Available in two sizes:

-M: 1.20cm x 1.70cm

-L: 1.40cm x 1.90cm

* Available in color:

-White with black lines.

-White with strong blue lines.

The talit (in Hebrew טלית) is a accessory Jewish religious in the shape of a shawl used in the religious services of Judaism.

The Tallit gadol ( Big Tallit ) is used by men at the time of prayer in the Synagogue, and at the time of the prayer of Shacharit (the first prayer of the morning).

🚫 Beware of imitations in the market: There are dozens of copies of Tallit on the market, from Chinese copies, to made here in Israel, Tallit that are sold for up to $ 39 dollars in online stores and also others that make them more expensive to make them pass as good. Be careful!

The Tallit is something very special and that we normally change it every year ... A true quality Tallit, given its respective care, should last up to 10 years.

Our Tallit are of the highest quality, from the most distinguished Tallitot factory in Israel, each Tallit is manufactured with the strictest Kasherut standards and is thoroughly checked for certification.

Very important:

A Tallit must be made by Jews, especially the knotting of the Tzitzit