Mishlei Proverbs

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"Mishlei" The Proverbs of Jewish Wisdom. Hebrew - Spanish with comments.

An excellent work!

The Proverbs of King Solomon are maxims or sentences of Jewish wisdom, with a clear spiritual, social, ethical and moral content. The word proverb is understood as a concise saying, allegory or adage, which carries a teaching of human experience.

The renowned Rabbi David Tabachnik, one of the most prominent personalities of Latin American Judaism, with his talent and his sensitive pen, leads us by the hand to draw concepts of wisdom and live according to them. Despite the thousands of years that have passed, these wise tips remain relevant, even today.

Spanish Hebrew with comments and explanations from the great sages.

Fine hardcover edition.

560 pages.

Includes glossary.

Book weight 1,200kgm.

-This book features the approval letter from the Chief Rabbi of Jerusalem, El Rishon le Tzion R. Shlomo Amar Shlita.