Mezuza Claf (Parchment)

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Claf Mezuza (parchment) Kosher. 12cm.

Made of natural leather, handwritten by a Sofer Stam (Authorized Scribe Rabbi, fearful of Heaven)

It is made with the strictest standards according to the law of the Torah.

The parchment is double-checked.

(The mezuzah recalls the exodus from Egypt, when the blood of the lamb smeared on the door frames "identified" the Jewish houses that God overlooked during the last plague, the "death of the firstborn."

The parchment contains the first two paragraphs of the "Shema" prayer, declaring the uniqueness of the Creator by commanding us to write these words on the jambs of our homes and our portals (Deut. 6: 4-9). The second verse (Deut. 11: 13-21) teaches that Jewish destiny, both individual and national, depends on our fulfillment of the divine will.

On the other side of the scroll is the Hebrew name of God: Sha-dai . This name is an acronym for "Guardian of the Gates of Israel" (The shin , the first letter of this Name, often appears on the mezuzah box).