Megillat Esther

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"Megillat Esther"

The marvelous book of Esther is a fascinating historical drama of faces and masks, of lively and fast action, contrasts, ironies, humor, envy, love, hatred and courtly intrigues, which once endangered the survival of the people Jewish. The plot surprises with situations that are reversed and take unexpected turns.

Rabbi David Tabachnik, a figure of recognized impact in Latin American spiritual leadership, with sensitivity and talent, leads us by the hand through the sacred texts. Between the lines of the verses, with singular lucidity, he allows us to grasp the dualities and unmask those that hide behind masks and try to evade their existential evolution. The choice is inexorable and the reading and study of this Megilla dispels darkness and reveals the light that invites us to celebrate.

Hebrew-Spanish with extensive comments.

Complete edition, hard cover.