The writings of the Arizal

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"The writings of the Arizal"

It is the summary of the books "The Eight Doors". The teachings of Rabbi Yitzchak Luria Ashkenazi, the Arizal, as he transmitted to his outstanding student Rabbi Chaim Vital.

This book enlightens the mind of the reader and reveals the existence of an additional dimension of the Torah, in order to motivate him and to understand the importance and meaning of the Torah and the precepts.

The Arizal was born in Jerusalem in the year 1534. He died at the age of 38 and was one of the great lights of Israel. This book includes a compilation of teachings from the collection of books called "The Eight Gates": Shaar Haakdamot, Shaar Maamare Jazal, Shaar Maamare Rashbi, Shaar Hapsukim, Shaar Hamitzvot, Shaar Hakavanot, Shaar Ruaj Hakodesh, Shaar Hagilgulim .

Imitation leather hardcover edition, with 328 pages.