The Torah of the Home

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Torát Habait "in Spanish" The Torah of the Home "is one of the many writings of the great Sage" Rabbi Israel Meir HaCohen (Kegan) known by the title of his first book "Jefetz Jayim" published anonymously in the year 1873, his works covering both the field of Halacha (Jewish law) as well as ethics and philosophy.

This work " Torát Habait" was originally published in order to motivate the Jews of his time - at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, to dedicate themselves fully to the study carefulness of the Torah. Submerged in pain and concern over the devastating consequences that the Enlightenment had on the youth of the people, the Chafetz Chaim dedicated himself to writing works that convey the meaning of Torah study for the Jews. One of them is the present book Torat Habait. There he makes an emotional exhortation to Jews deviated after alien ideals to return to our sacred source.

-And the givers of Israel, who is the Almighty blessed with wealth, can help a lot in this fundamental matter, blessed is the one to whom the Eternal has given understanding to assume this primary task, which constitutes the basis on which the whole congregation of Israel settles down Is there greater happiness than bringing into the world children who serve the Almighty?

As our Sages said: "Everyone who teaches Torah to his neighbor's son is as if he himself had given him life" (Treatise of Sanhedrin 19b). "Whoever taught Torah to the son of his neighbor, acquires the merit of sitting in the Celestial Yeshiva" (Treatise of Baba metzia 85a)

And how much more if several beloved children are brought into the world, valuable children who will grow in the path of Torah and service to the Creator, because there is no limit to the reward that awaits these people in the heights, therefore Who will be able to open the eyes of these people, who have the possibility in their hands, so that they see the happiness laid out in front of them? -

Hardcover edition, 210 pages.

* It also includes the work "Tzipita leyhua" (Did you wait for the Redemption?)