Jok Le Israel

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It is the great work recompiled by Rab. Chaim Yosef David Azulay known as "El HAJIDA".

This work is one of the most recommended for the study of the Parasha (weekly portion of the Torah) It is divided into the 6 days of the week with portions of Halacha-Shuljan Aruj, portions of Prophets and Writings., Tanakh, Talmud, Zohar, and different books of Jewish Ethics.

Luxury presentation in a beautiful hard cover.

Size: 25cm x 18cm.

The collection consists of 10 volumes. (Each book of the Torah is divided into three volumes, making a total of fifteen books)

* Until now the volumes are available: Bereshit- Genesis 1, 2, 3, (The complete book of Bereshit-Genesis in three books).

Shemot-Exodus 1,2 (The complete book of Shemot- Exodus in two books).

Vayikra- Leviticus 1 (The book of Leviticus will be in two volumes, of which only 1 has come out)

Approximately every month one to two new volumes will be released until the entire collection of 10 to 12 volumes in total is completed.

Jok L'Israel is a fundamental study work for the Sephardic, it was written more than 200 years ago by the eminent Jajam R. Chaim David Azulai "El Jida" and this is one of the most complete works of study.

(Chaim Y. Vital, born in Tzfat in 1542, was the son of Rabbi Yosef l (alabris; he studied with R. Moshé Cordovero, and later, when he made aliyah, with R.
Yitzkjak Luria, whose most prominent disciple would be his. He lived in various places - Egypt, Jerusalem, Damascus, the rabbinical centers by
excellence in his time- and in Damascus where he had important differences with Abulafia, he died and was buried in 1620.

His abundant work of exegesis of him has a title that stands out among the others: Etz Chaim, "The Tree of Life", which took him 21 years to write. He edited it: The Son, R. Shmuel. Later, with writings collected from the Tzfat Geniza, R. Abraham Azulay, from Fez, edited Vital's work in three large volumes.

One of them is "Pri Etz Chaím", (The fruits of the tree of life). And this work is the foundation of "Jok le'lsrael" (The Law for Israel), a didactic guide for Sephardic Torah scholars.

R. Chaim David Azulai, in acronym "Jida" was the compiler of all that wisdom. He was born in 1724 in Jerusalem
and was the son of R. Rapahael Azulai, of Hebron, fifth generation Rabbis of Fez, who in turn was the grandson of the aforementioned R Abraham Azulai. He studied with the best rabbis of his time: Rapaport, Sharabi, Ben Atar. He traveled through all the European communities and died in Livorno in 1806, although since 1959 he is buried in Israel, in Har Ha'Menujot. He wrote numerous works on many subjects, but one of the most relevant of him was this edition of Jok L'Israel.

This new edition in Spanish of the daily study guide "Jok L'Israel" is published in ten volumes, (they are two to three volumes for each book
of the Pentateuch) And it is divided into sections that correspond to each
weekly parsha. Thus, after the specific text that is read every day - and on Mondays, Thursdays and Shabbat as a whole - the commentary of Rashi, the Targum, its corresponding text of Prophets is added (with commentary of Rashi < br> too), plus his exegesis in the
Talmud, the part of the Zohar that is
corresponds with the text, and with extracts of ethics and halajá from other great exegetes, mainly from Ha 'Rambám'.

That is, it approaches each parasha from all possible points of view in order to
see it from a unique point of view. And to be able to draw all possible conclusions, reaching an indisputably intense Tanajica depth level.