Hamsa with Blessing

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Hamsa Berchat HaEsek or Berchat Bait (Hamsa with blessing for home or business).

Beautiful Hamsa design made of ceramic in colors, it has the blessing for the home written or you can also select with the blessing for the business.

Large size, 23cm X 18cm.

Translation of the blessing for business:

"May this business be blessed as from the mouth of a Prophet: The Creator will order that it be protected day and night, and let us listen in this business as it is written:" Kol Sasson and Kol Simcha "(Todobel Gozo and all the joy) and the Spirit of blessing, good sustenance and great success will be in this business "

Blessing of the Home:

"This house will be full of joy and a song will shine like the sun and that light will illuminate and this place will be blessed with love, with warmth of joy, complete peace, tranquility, health, happiness"

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