Handmade hamsa

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Decorative handmade hamsa "Jai model"

Beautiful design, made of wood, with natural stones. (Turquoise, Amethyst, White Quartz, Jade, Rose Quartz, Tourmaline)

Ideal to decorate your door or wall.

They have the writing of the Blessing for the home in Hebrew and also has the "Jai" (Letter Jet and Yud in Hebrew) which means "Life"

(Size 14cm x 9.5cm)

Translation of the Blessing:

"Blessing of the home" This home will be filled with joy and a song will shine with the sun and that light will illuminate and this home will be blessed with love, with the warmth of joy and tranquility and complete peace.

(What is the Hamsa or hand: This has been a very common symbol for generations, it is more customary in Jews of Sephardic origin. One of the meanings of the Hamsa is "Remind us that we are under the protective Hand of the Creator" )