Drops of life

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Explanations to the Weekly Parasha, festivities and more ...

"Water has a fundamental role in Judaism for the purification of the body, -through the tevilá (ritual bath) and netilat yadaim- and perhaps that is why the Torah is constantly compared with water that not only cleanses the soul, it keeps it alive.

In this book, the author takes a tour of the Pentateuch following the order of the portion of the Torah corresponding to each week (Parasha) and delights us with various facts and anecdotes that occurred at different times. He also illustrates us with teachings and explanations about the customs and laws relating to the different festivals. In this way, almost without the reader noticing it, and using an entertaining and simple language, the author masterfully transmits us a wealth of knowledge that will facilitate our approach to the Creator.

Like a persistent rain, these drops of life try to reach the hearts of readers through words full of Faith and sweetness, with the sole purpose of awakening in each one of us the desire to serve the Supreme Creator of the universe. < / p>

* Hardcover edition, more than 550 pages, weight 1,200 kgm.