In the garden of universal faith

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This world is full of questions: What is the purpose of life in this world full of suffering? Where is the world and humanity going? With whom is justice in all ideologies and conceptions of life? What is the path to happiness? How should we truly live? Will everything finally turn out well or not? Why are there such drastic differences between people and between the events of their lives? Why does one person have an easy life while another has a difficult and very painful life? Why is one person born strong and healthy, while another is born weak and disabled? Why does one earn a good sustenance easily, and the other not? And so on, endless questions ... Join millions of happy people around the world who have discovered the one answer that covers all questions. In this great work of spiritual art, "In the Garden of Faith- UNIVERSAL" from the renowned teacher and spiritual guide RSArush, you will receive not only the answers to the questions that burn within you, but also the practical tools to unleash! the immense spiritual force that you carry deep within you! The time has come to open the door and discover a new magical world, the Garden of Universal Faith, which is in fact paradise itself already in this earthly world. Once you read this book, you will wonder how you could live without it ...