In the garden of faith young people

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Many people when they read the book "In The Garden of Faith" were shocked by the great help this book gave them, but they regretted not having read it before, others said "if I could have received this knowledge since I was a child, my life would be another "

Now we have this great gift from Heaven! The book "In The Garden of Faith for Young People" one more work by Rabbi Shalom Arush.

Highly recommended for children, youth and young adults !!

Hardcover edition, color pages, 210 pages.

This world is full of questions ...

Why is there so much difference between one person and another? Why does so and so live an easy life and why does he have so many problems and so many difficulties? Why was a healthy and unhealthy national guy born with a health problem? Why was Perengano born in a rich family and Meregano was born in a family that barely has enough to eat? Why does so and so have a lot of friends and perennial is always alone? Why does this have to happen to me?

There is only one answer to all these questions, it is Emunah.

Once we apply Emunah to the problem, all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. The Emunah teaches us that there is a Creator who directs the world with absolute precision, supervising each created being individually, it is what we call "The Divine Individual Supervision" He gives each person the exact circumstances that they need to be able to carry carry out his mission on earth: In which family he is born, where does he live, what does he look like, what talents and what character traits do he have, who will be his friends and what will he be every minute of the day ... Everything is absolutely everything. in the hands of the Creator.

The Creator gives each person the specific set of circumstances that he needs to fulfill her mission in this world, as we learn in this book that it will change your life!

Hardcover edition, color pages, 210 pages.