Eliyahu HaNavi

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Who would not like to know more about this Great Prophet!

Delve into the history of his life and legacy for generations!

Eliyahu Hanabí is one of the most important protagonists in our history. In an effort to publicize a little about the figure of this great character, information has been compiled from all the sources that are at our disposal:

From the Prophets and their commentators, from the Midrashim, the Agadot and the Talmud. An attempt was made to illustrate, if only a little, what was known about him. This book is not a figment of imagination and nothing was added; All the information is based on the source of our Sages. With longing hearts, may what is written soon come true: "We will hear good news from him promptly."

Translated into Spanish by Ester Dvoire Bronstein.

Hardcover Edition.

More than 250.