The Tania

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Likutei Amarim - the masterpiece of Rabbi Sneur Zalman of Lubavitch

Bilingual Hebrew-Spanish edition


779 pages.

Deluxe Edition

The Tania is a philosophical-kabbalistic exhibition that teaches man to approach his Creator. The entire work, with the Castilian and Hebrew text face to face, page by page, making it easier to read. What are we? As we are? How are we trained? And above all, what do we come to this world to do? Where are we physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally? How can we relate to the outside world in the best possible way to have a harmonious life, so that our actions are positive and so that all this is in accordance with the purpose of the creation of the worlds? It also offers a Thematic index (of the Rebbe) in Spanish, and the acclaimed "Mystic Concepts in Hasidism", by Rabbi Schochet.