The Power of the Psalms

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This is the long awaited Book of Psalms! (The price of $ 44 dollars is for the two volumes)

"The Power of the Psalms" It is the wonderful book of Psalms in Hebrew and Spanish, fully explained and commented with ideas and inspiration from the teachings of the great Soul Physician "Rabbi Najman de Breslev"

There are two volumes, volume one: From Psalm 1 to 41, it took two: from Psalm 42 to 72.

Reciting Tehillim (Psalms) is an ancient Jewish practice. The image of a worn volume drenched with tears of a mother accompanies many children growing up. Individuals, congregations, and entire communities recite the Psalms to evoke merit for the sick, those in danger, those who have no children, and many others.

The Psalms are also part of our daily prayers, giving voice to our desire to connect with the Creator.

However, for many of us the Psalms remain an enigma. How exactly do we apply King David's prayers to our own situations? How do we awaken our hearts with words that we cannot fully understand? In short, how can we find ourselves in the Psalms?

The Rebbe Najman of Breslev shows us how to do it, his teachings seek and extract the deepest meaning of the Psalms and their relationship with our daily lives with incisive comments and original ideas, the Rebbe transforms our recitation of the Psalms into a genina prayer, revealing the power of the Psalms.