The Yashar Book

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For the first time in Spanish the original Jewish translation of the Book Yashar (Recto)!

Also called the book "The wars of the sons of Ya'akov." (This is what the Ramban Najmanides 1194-1270 calls it).

A very engaging and welcoming book, which tells the whole story from the creation of the world to the days of the judges, a complement to all the things that are not written in the Torah explicitly , here they are listed in great detail; events, names, dates and the reasons why things happened.

In the book of Yehoshua (10:13) when he tells the story of how Yehoshua stopped the sun, so that the night would not come, (who will read it with the help of the Eternal when he arrives in this book to the section –Yehoshua-) says: “And the sun stopped and the moon stopped. Until the people had avenged their enemies. As it is written in the Yashar Book and the sun stood in the middle of the sky, and did not rush to set for almost a whole day. " Being a great exception that the bible sends you to another source. Therefore all the commentators try to discover the great unknown of which book he refers to, who has written it, at what time, etc ...

Could this be the Book?

Although in the original introduction (on the following pages) it is said that the book was written by an old man at the time of the destruction of the temple, 1951 years ago, in the year 3828 of the creation of the universe (in the year 68 of the was common), and that apparently is interpreted from the Talmud, treatise of Avoda Zara (paganism) 11: the book written in Yehoshua is another book and I have also found in books from a thousand years ago, which say that it is a book that would have been lost . I thank the Creator who has enlightened me. So I have found a book called Rav Pealim by the great Rabbi Abraham, son of Gaon of Vilna (1750-1808), in which it is written that this book belongs to the generation that spent 40 years in the desert, when they left Egypt and that apparently it was written by Moshe Rabenu himself.

Anyway it is a very old book. Being a biblical writing and so sacred, I have tried in the translation to cling to the text as much as possible, for this reason you will find expressions that appear to be repeated or the excessive use of the conjunction "And". For the same reason, I have written the names as they are and are truly pronounced in the biblical language, but not as they are transcribed in Spanish. Also, in the glossary you will find the Spanish equivalent of each name. In the same way, many facts and concepts that are a mystery, you will find explanations that with the help of the Creator I added from our late wise men in parentheses next to them.

Hardcover edition, with more than 300 pages.