The Song of Songs

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A book that you cannot miss in your library!

The Song of Songs (Shir Ha Shirim) Hebrew and Spanish fully commented. "Complete original edition"

True love is the central theme of Shir Hashirim.

"The Song of Songs" is the symbol of mystical hope, of the union of the human with the divine.

This book provides a vibrant perspective on love, consistent with the vision of traditional Judaism.

The letter is the cover, the text contains hidden secrets that must be revealed.

Rabbi David Tabachnik, one of the most brilliant talents of Latin American spiritual leadership, reveals peaks and plains that alternate in life and invites us to reflect on love, God and life. With his peculiar sensitivity, which makes it pleasant reading, the author reveals existential cracks in this love poem and leads us by the hand to understand the heavenly message.

Full edition, hardcover.