The harp

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A book for lovers of the history of Israel!

Relive the past, travel back in time, go back two thousand years and discover the shocking experiences of the time of the destruction of the Sacred Temple.

Flavio Josefus (Yosef Ben Matitiahu) was born in Jerusalem around 38 C.E. he was a Cohen and a Jewish general who was eventually passed over to the Romans. During the battle of Jerusalem he tried to convince the besieged Jews to surrender, he was hit by a rock thrown from the walls, he wrote "The war of the Jews" from where the descriptions of the battles in this book were taken .

Agrippa II, great-grandson of Herod "the last King of Judea" made a pact with the Romans and led an army of three thousand men against the besieged city.

Princess Berenice, sisters of King Agrippa II and recognized for her beauty. She met Titus in Alexandria and together with her relative, General Tiberius Alexander, supported Vespasian in his attempt to become emperor of Rome ...

The Harp is a great work that introduces the reader to one of the crucial moments of the People of Israel. The Harp allows us to feel the destruction of the Sacred Temple, which is why it becomes an obligatory book for whom Tisha b'Av is a cardinal date on our calendar.

Softcover, 380 pages.