The ABC of life

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Author: Rabbi Shalom Arush

Practical advice for a better life - Rabbi Shalom Arush

We all long for health, success, peace, a partner, children, etc. But the truly wise person yearns, above all things, to have emunah, the authentic faith in the Creator, which is what guarantees a full and happy life regardless of the personal circumstances of each person.

In this book you will find a selection of spiritual advice that will guide you so that you can successfully overcome everyday difficulties and begin to live a fuller, happier and more peaceful life.

The ABC of Life consists of a selection of the advice offered in the successful collection of "Gardens" (In the Garden of Faith, In the Garden of Peace, In the Garden of Miracles, In the Garden of Health, In the Garden of Wisdom, etc.) and comprises a wide variety of spiritual advice listed alphabetically in clear and easy-to-understand language, advice that comes from the source of life that is the teachings of Rabbi Najman of Breslev.

In the hectic pace of modern life, where we don't always have time to quietly sit and study, this book offers a comprehensive list of inspiring ideas and words of spiritual empowerment that will undoubtedly greatly enrich your spiritual life, quenching your soul's thirst with the refreshing dew of emunah.

Softcover, 414 pages

Your daily dose of inspiration and empowerment!