Tefilot Hashem Collection

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Tefilat Hashem Collection consists of three fine books in Spanish Hebrew and commentaries by Rabbi David Tabachnik.

This collection contains:

1 Siddur Tefilat Bet El , will help you with the prayers of the day. Includes Shabbat prayers, holidays, Selijot, Torah readings, Megilot. Deluxe edition, hardcover, 394 pages. (Ashkenazi Rite)

2 Machzor Rosh Hashana Beit Nejama Includes the Rosh hashana prayers in Hebrew and Spanish. Hardcover deluxe edition.

3 Machzor Yom Kippur Moshe VeShimshon Includes Yom Kippur prayers, Spanish Hebrew, deluxe edition, hardcover.

(The price is for the collection of three books)