Torah - Deluxe Edition

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Product Details
Bilingual Torah, This is the "Original" luxury edition, in natural leather ( Personalized with your name on the cover).
-Hebrew with Spanish translation.
-Includes the Haftara (Portion of the Prophets).
-Contains the 5 books of the Pentateuch.
-Totally reliable translation.
-You can choose the option to record your name in Hebrew or in Spanish.
* Because it is a personalized Torah, the printing time of the name may take 4 to 6 business days, plus the established delivery time.
There are imitations of this beautiful Torah in leather-like plastic or very low-quality leather that easily deteriorate over time.
The present edition that we have in El Jardín de Breslev is 100% leather and of the best quality. As is a No. # 1 rated item, plus you'll have the peace of mind of a fully guaranteed item, like all the ones we offer.