Red thread (original)

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The original red thread (According to the Kabbalists "Rite of Keber Rachel").

The package contains 3 red threads and a gift Kamea that you can put anywhere or take with you. (The Kamea can be in the form of a Menorah or Magen David, depending on availability)

The package brings the traditional blessing (in Spanish phonetics) "Ben porat Yosef" according to custom, which is said when you put on the bracelet.

According to the ancient custom, the red thread is used to protect us against what many of the wise men call: "the evil eye"

A person with the 'evil eye' carries with him jealousy, envy and a destructive force. It is best to protect ourselves from this type of person and not approach them, as they can harm us. (The Zohar)

As terrible as it may seem, the Zohar says that the eyes are the windows to the soul, and therefore can transmit a great amount of energy. When we view others with hatred, or envy, we are sending negative energy towards them, and vice versa. The red thread protects us from conscious and unconscious looks.

It is worn on the left wrist, the left one that represents the desire to receive, therefore, it creates a protective shield that repels negative energy.