Circle Psalm 91-11 / Ani le Dodi

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Carry the protective power of a Psalm in your hand!

* New design has recorded Psalm 91-11 and the Writing of "Ani le Dodi ve Dodi Li" (I am for my beloved and my beloved is for me)

It is the new adornment (charm) for bracelet with the Psalm: "The Eternal will order his angels to protect you in all your ways" (Psalms 91-11) and Song of Songs "Ani le Dodi ve Dodi Li "

A fine work, made in 925 sterling silver with the writing in Hebrew.

Our ornaments are made with the best quality and with the latest goldsmith technology.

Quality guaranteed.

You can use it for your Mizraji bracelet (pandora type) or also as a pendant for a neck chain.

(The ornaments do not include the bracelet)